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Call for Judges

Call for Judges

Selection of participants for the Transnational Training Event
Artificial intelligence, judicial dialogue and consumer protection in individual and mass litigation   
which will be held in Barcelona (Spain) on 13-14 February, 2025.

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Application deadline:

Assessment of applications

Knowledge of and experience in the areas of law to be addressed, as well as a very good knowledge of English, are deemed as basic requirements. The assessment of applications will also be based on the following criteria:

  • Diversity of judicial competences: the call is open to civil, administrative and criminal judges;
  • Balance in the judicial hierarchy: both higher and lower instance courts shall be represented among selected judges;
  • Balance in terms of gender, age and nationality;
  • The call is also open, though to a minor extent, to lawyers;

Additional criteria are foreseen with regard to the Transnational Training Events. Specifically, the attendees will be selected among judges qualified as trainers at national level with a relevant and documented expertise in the field.

Candidates will be notified about the result of the selection process at least applicants will be notified about the admission at least 1,5 months before the workshop.

Commitments of participants

If selected, candidates shall commit to take part in all sessions of the Workshop and to prepare for the Workshop by reading the relevant materials in advance. During the Workshop, they are expected to actively engage in the discussion and share their knowledge and experience with the rest of the group.

Additionally, participants will be involved both prior to and following the Workshop with a view to actively contributing, on the basis of their experience at national level and, to the development of the outputs of JuLIA.