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Cookies Policy

Cookies are pieces of information that web servers store in browsers. Such information is returned to the server on subsequent visits by users to that website or domain. Cookies are used for very diverse purposes, such as storing user preferences, facilitating navigation or customizing content.

This website may use cookies and other similar technologies, from Pompeu Fabra University or from third parties, to store user preferences, facilitate navigation and obtain usage statistics to improve its content.

Some pages may display content from social networks, video services or others that incorporate mechanisms for retrieving user information by these third parties.

The law allows the use of cookies when they are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of a website. In other cases, the consent of the users is required, consent that may be revoked or modified at any time.

Pompeu Fabra University reserves the right to modify this Cookies Policy according to the provisions of the Terms of Use.

All cookie information is subject to change by the service providers. We update this information regularly.


Required functional

Cookie nameDefault expiration timeDescription
SSESS<ID>1 monthIf you are logged in to this website, a session cookie is required to identify and connect your browser to your user account in the server backend of this website.
cookiesjsr1 yearWhen you visited this website for the first time, you were asked for your permission to use several services (including those from third parties) that require data to be saved in your browser (cookies, local storage). Your decisions about each service (allow, deny) are stored in this cookie and are reused each time you visit this website.


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