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France, Loi pour une république numérique

Full reference
Act no 2016-1321 of 7 October 2016 - Principle of fairness for platforms (obligation to provide information for those operating services based on an algorithmic process)
French Parliament
Institutional level
National level
Type of Source
National legislation
Source national detail
Primary legislation
Stage of drafting
Territorial scope
Project area
Cross sector, general scope
Law area
Privacy / data protection
Consumer protection

Summary of the law

The law imposes an obligation on platform operators to provide "fair, clear and transparent" information. 
It opened up free access to all court decisions. 
Article 2 creates a right of access to the rules defining algorithmic processing used by public administrations and to the main features of their implementation, when such processing leads to individual decisions

Specific provision(s) regarding AI and Public Administration
Code des relations entre le public et l'administration, Article L. 300-2
Specific provision(s) regarding AI and consumer markets
C. consom., Article L. 111-7
Personal scope of the instrument
Public Authorities, Individuals, Legal Persons
Material scope of the instrument

The law enables the development of AI by promoting a policy of opening up data and knowledge, and reinforcing the rights of users in the digital world. It is considered to found the principle of transparency 

AI system(s) involved
  • General purpose AI
  • Government
Fundamental rights involved
  • Right to good administration
  • Right to informed consent
Principles expressly applied
  • Explainability

Case author
Fabienne Jault-Seseke
University of Versailles Saint Quentin-en-Yvelines