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The AI Act Proposal

Full reference
Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down harmonised rules on artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Act) and amending certain Union legislative acts
European Commission
Institutional level
EU level
Type of Source
EU legislation
Source EU detail
Secondary law
Stage of drafting
Territorial scope
Life cycle of the instrument
- First draft in April 2021
- Final draft in March 2024
Project area
Cross sector, general scope
Law area
Consumer protection
Fundamental rights protection
Product safety
Medical devices
Biometric data

Summary of the law

The Proposal lays down harmonised rules for the placing on the market, the putting into service and the use of artificial intelligence systems (‘AI systems’) in the European Union. Following a risk-based approach, the AI Act proposal sets (a) prohibitions of certain artificial intelligence practices which generate unacceptable risk; (b) specific mandatory requirements for high-risk AI systems and obligations for providers and operators of such systems; (c) harmonised transparency rules for AI systems intended to interact with natural persons, emotion recognition systems and biometric categorisation systems, and AI systems used to generate or manipulate image, audio or video content; (d) rules on market monitoring and surveillance.

Specific provision(s) regarding AI and Justice
Annex III, 8 ( High-risk AI systems referred to in article 6(2))
Specific provision(s) regarding AI and Public Administration
Article 54(1)(a)(iiic)
Specific provision(s) regarding AI and health
Article 9(2)(a), Article 10(2)(f), Article 13(3)(b)(iii), Article 14(2), Article 36 (2c) and (2d), Article 47(1), Article 53(1e), (3) and (4), Article 54(1)(a)(ii), Article 59(4), Article 65(1), Article 67(1), Article 68c(1), Article 84(7), Annex III, 5 and 7 ( High-risk AI systems referred to iѝn article 6(2))
Specific provision(s) regarding AI and consumer markets
Recital 5(a), Recital 26d, Article 2(5b)
Specific provision(s) regarding AI and data protection
Recital 5(a), Recital 7, Recital 26d, Article 2(5a), Article 5(3), (3a), (4) and (5). Article 29 (6) and (6a), Article 29a(4), Article 53(2), Article 54, Article 59(4), Article 63(5) and (6), Article 72.
Personal scope of the instrument
Unspecified addressees
Material scope of the instrument

It’s the first comprehensive AI regulation in the world, setting out harmonized rules for the placing on the market, putting into service and use of artificial intelligence systems in the Union, following a risk-based approach.

AI system(s) involved
  • All types of AI systems
  • European Commission
Fundamental rights involved
  • Right to health
  • Right to privacy
  • Right to non-discrimination
  • Right to non-manipulation
Principles expressly applied
  • Accountability
  • Explainability
  • Non-discrimination
  • Precautionary
  • Transparency
Administrative fines

Case author
Ivo Emanuilov
LIBRe Foundation