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Mireia Artigot i Golobardes

Project Coordinator

I am a Ramon y Cajal researcher, a tenure-track professor at UPF, and a teaching fellow in Oxford University’s Europeaum program. I hold a Juris Science Doctor (PhD) and an LLM (Masters in Law) from Cornell Law School, a BA in Law and a BA in Economics and Business Administration from UPF, and a BA in music performance (piano) from the Superior Music Conservatory in Barcelona. I am admitted to practice law in both New York (NY BAR 4775474) and Barcelona (BAR 39954), and I have served as a Law Clerk to the Hon. Edwin H. Stern, presiding judge of the New Jersey Appellate Court.

My research focuses on economic analysis of private law and on the study of the disruption generated by digital platforms and artificial intelligence specifically in consumer markets. I am currently leading some research projects that work on these different issues: I coordinate the European project JUstice, fundamentaL rIghts and Artificial intelligence (JuLIA) and I am the principal investigator of iConsumers and AlgorithmLaw. I coordinate Legal Issues Arising from Networks (LiaNS) seminar series, a joint seminar series by European Universities led by UPF. I welcome applications and collaborations.

 Curriculum Vitae