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Work Package 1 (M1 – M36) February 2023 – January 2026

Project management & coordination

  1. Organizational and financial management;
  2. Project coordination through the creation of a Steering committee;
  3. Project website organization (coordinating it with previous training project websites run by the applicant).

Work package 2 (M2 – M36) March 2023 – January 2026

Curricula Building

  1. Collection of case-law at European level in the selected areas (CJEU and ECtHR);
  2. Collection of national case- law in the selected areas (with a particular attention to the countries covered by the partners and in the selected participants’ countries);
  3. Collection of materials on experimental use of AI-based programs in the field of judicial, administrative, medical and business decision making;
  4. Analysis the cases in order to arrange them into clusters where judicial dialogue and comparable approaches to the use of AI in relation to ADM emerge;
  5. Update of the database of previously supported projects in order to organize and systematize the case-law gathered;
  6. Preparation of teaching curricula (handbooks) to be developed at transnational (intra-E.U.) level.

Work Package 3 (M4 – M35) May 2023 – December 2025

Transnational Training Events

  1. Trans-national training workshops based on curricula prepared in WP2;
  2. Collection of (additional) relevant case- law at national level (selected UE Member States and relative legal systems) and integration of the above-mentioned database;
  3. Integration of teaching curricula on the basis of materials collected at national level.

Work package 4 (M6- 36) July 2023 – January 2026


  1. Elaboration of e-learning course providing a basic and interdisciplinary knowledge on AI and its ADM applications;
  2. Testing the e-learning course through the collaboration of trainers in the countries covered;
  3. Widening the access to training in favor of judges and other legal experts through online attendance.

Work package 5 (M1 – M36) February 2023 – January 2026


  1. Expert workshop with representatives to discuss the final version of the materials developed and their potential adoption in national courts;
  2. Launch of the platform where the materials will be freely available;
  3. Disseminate the results of the Project to interested stakeholders across EU MS across different channels and forms of information, linked to available platforms created at EU level (EU Justice Portal);
  4. Conference open to training institutions and networks which will allow to explore further development of the Project;
  5. Ensure the availability and update of the Project results for further use regardless of the conclusion of the Project, taking into account the replicability of the training methodology in different formats, environments and areas of law.